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When Should you Repair or Replace?

Signs that your system is having trouble.

1. Sky-High Energy Bills

One of the first signs that your Air Conditioner is having trouble is rising energy bills. Before trashing your system , have one of our experienced technicians see if there is a simple solution such as a maintenance or repair that could resolve the escalating power bill. 

2. Uncomfortable Temperatures

It's your systems job to keep your Greenville, SC home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. If you start to feel unusually warm in the summer or cold in the winter , your system may need a tune-up.

3. Strange Sounds

Squealing, grinding sounds from your Air Conditioner might be a sign that something needs to be repaired or replaced. These noises imply that there is something wrong inside your unit, and, if left unserviced, will lead to a costly breakdown. 

4. Strange Odors

Pungent or foul smells from your Air Conditioning Vents normally means the wire insulation has burned out. Musty smells generally indicates that there is mold inside your unit and duct work; this should be taken care of quickly. Our trade specialist will have a money saving solutions for all of these issues.